Okay, That does it!

I couldn’t believe it. The rumbling sound of the garbage truck roused me from my revery. My first garbage pickup to be responsible to have my bins out for and I had missed it, and on a hot summer day. I groaned as I leaped up to see if just maybe it was the larger truck for the nearby apartment. It wasn’t.

I ran outside to look. How could someone have done this to me? I had only been in my home a little over a month. The first weeks I had still had the garbage bin at my apartment building. The past weeks I had been on a vacation. Now, I was finally really settling in here and I had the time wrong for when to put out my bins!

But there they were, set in place. One of the neighbors I am just starting to know must have understood. Without a word or an expectation they did this mundane job for me.

I think I know who would have done this. They are the same people who picked up my mail for me while I was gone. Our schedules have so far differed enough that we have hardly talked but they have still given small kindnesses.

Even though after 4 months of getting to stretch out over the parking spaces, they now have to clear two of the spaces for me, both families that share my lot and the building our homes reside in have been friendly.

Now this.

Small kindnesses go a long way to making others feel welcomed and valued. Without that sense of caring, space is simply space.

That does it! I think this townhouse is starting to feel like home. I only hope I can find ways to return small kindnesses to my neighbours.


8 thoughts on “Okay, That does it!

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      I lived in my last place for 6 years. One woman in the block had a knack for engaging people in conversation and would often pick up small things like watering plants for me and picking up mail. When I moved, she and her husband used their van to move three loads to my new place. There are many good people in this world and it is nice when you find out some of them are your neighbours.

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      Yes. It is. I was privileged to have a couple neighbors in my old apartment block that understood that as well. Next week will be my first week here without school, a trip or a volunteer job at a festival. I hope I will get an opportunity to coffee (tea) some with my neighbors.

  1. annepeterson

    I have a feeling you’ll have no trouble letting them know what it meant to you. Good post. And I love how you used a title we usually associate with frustration, but gave it a different role.

  2. ljandrie57 Post author

    The morning revery I hade been experience was that deflated, early in an experience of wondering how I would connect to people where I was now living. That a small act of kindness shook me out of it and injected me with patience fit that twist of title. Thank you for noticing it.


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