A Childlike Spring

P1070500Every Sunday evening, I leave a little early for the worship service I attend. My quieting begins outside the doors where spring perennials and bulb plants are unfurling their colours so longed for in the late spring budding.

The anticipation I feel as I walk the path has the characteristics of opening a present. What new bloom or colour will I see. Today is was the uncurling of new ferns, variety in tulip colour and the leaves finally opened on the small trees there.

As I search for each new opening, something in my heart and mind expands into  a feeling like the ripples of my favorite lake gently brushing the shores of my thoughts. A peace settles over me.

me 006

Crowned with tree blossoms.

The words of my daughter when she was five come back to me as I walk that path. The day had come. Going out to play in the backyard, Meg’s face shone with joy as she went to each newly opened flower and took in the rosy crabapple tree and white apple blossoms. She ran over to me and with a child’s voice of awe and wonder proclaimed, “God must really love me. He made so many beautiful flowers.” Then she was off to explore again.

Over 25 years has passed since that day yet her face and words still stand clear in my mind. The wonder of a child in spring fills my own heart as I look out and see again the beauty of the earth as it clothes itself in colour.

My mindful gift today is the wonderful array of colour that nature brings into our world and the memories that keep me seeing it through the eyes of a child.



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