DSC03045“Well, I am about done in for the day. My fingers can’t even keep their right places on the keyboard.”

“Just a few more words. You know that we committed to do this.”

“Yes, I know — one mindful gift each day. If I don’t get to bed soon, though, I am asleep in this chair. Hey! You didn’t need to poke me in the ribs!”

“Gotta keep you awake for a little longer, you know I need your fingers on those keys to get this done. I can supply the ideas but you have to supply the womanpower.”

“Do we get to count the words I threw away when we started this over?”

DSC03039“Don’t get into the rut of counting words. It just slows down the thinking. Just keep those fingers moving. Peck ’em out for me.”

“Aren’t we a few days late for the dialogue prompt? Why did you pull this one out now?”

“Had to figure out how to keep you awake. I know that you can’t resist a good conversation. Besides, you weren’t listening to me as you started drifting out. This way you have to listen so you can type my words.”

“That is a sly trick. You are determined to get this done, aren’t you?”

“Have you ever thought that might be my gift to you today? My determination is letting your fingers keep going so that you can hold to this commitment you made to yourself for this month.”

“You are right. I would be disappointed tomorrow if I didn’t post a gift today.”

“We’ll keep it simple then. The mindful gift for today will be the determination and the tenacity to follow through.”

determination“I could go for that, especially if it means I can get this done and turn in for the night.”

“Then goodnight, my writing friend. Thanks for the finger dancing to let my words out. I’ll visit you in your dreams tonight with fresh inspiration.”

“See you in my dreams then.”





2 thoughts on “Determined

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      I actually got up in the morning to check what I had written. My conscious me was that tired. It is fun to sometimes just let yourself go and write.


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