How Our Words Combine

P1070149Coffee with people close to me, looking at the new house with my friend, pricing at IKEA for some items I will eventually need, a movie with my daughters and friend and a coffee visit after. On days like today, writing takes second place to the priorities of living in relationship to others. It was a satisfying day, a day of acceptance by those I love.

The one incident that could have broken the day was losing my wallet while at IKEA. I had got out my camera to take pictures of items and the tags to look up later and must have knocked it out of my purse accidently. All I knew was that when I was going to pay for lunch, I had no wallet.

But today I had my friend with me, a friend with calming words and yet acceptance when I needed to leave to backtrack through the store using my camera to remind me of the places we had stopped to look at items. Having lost my keys on Friday I had a practice session of calming down my mind some to think what to do. I was able to ask someone where to go for a missing item. Sure enough, it had been turned in, everything in tact.

Having my friend with me stopped that part of me which tends to judge me so harshly for any mistake. I was able to be reminded that we all lose things at times. Mistakes are part of the human experience.

In the evening, my friend had room to take in the entertainment with my daughters for Mother’s Day. He continues to show his willingness to accept me as I am while encouraging me to grow into what I am wanting to become.

He has a song he’s written for the two of us to write a verse for. The chorus goes like this:

DSC00341Tell me your problems, honey,
I’ll tell you mine
I’m not sure we’ll fix them
and I’m not sure we’re tryin’
but somewhere in the tellin’
in how our words combine
the knots they start to loosen some
it starts them to unwind


My mindful gift today is the understanding that can be found in relationships with a person at peace with themselves. Time to go work on my verse.


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