Feathers or Stones

P1070181bToday has been a day of people: A letter exchange, Interactions on line, a supportive conversation with my son-in-law, helpful and friendly neighbours, hugs and laughter with my grandson and granddaughter, and, tonight, dinner with my best friend at a restaurant where I don’t even have to ask for the chopsticks I enjoy using.

My mind is rich with quietness but most of my words have been shared elsewhere. It is a day reminding me that in the language mindfulness comes from the word for heart and mind are the same.

I think of an image I have of the heart, one that helps me hold what brings peace and take the risk of facing what doesn’t so that it can truly be released.

For me, the heart is like a big stretchy sack. We can put into it all we want to and it will keep stretching.

I think of love, respect, kindness, empathy and other emotions that seek to lift others up as feathers. You can put as many of these feathers in the sack as you want and it just becomes softer. It doesn’t weigh you down. You are free to move forward in life.

IMG_3118Hatred, resentment, jealousy and other emotions that think harshly of others are like stones. You can still put as many of them in the sack as you want but it will give you no comfort and becomes so heavy it weighs you down and keeps you from moving forward in your life.

Some of the stones are like the rocks buried in a field that have to surface for you to see what response is needed. You can tell when they are rising. They stop you from living. The wonderful thing about taking those rocks out and facing them is the alchemy of letting go that either releases them into the ether or transforms them into more soft feathers in your heart.

Today my mindful gift is the people in my life and all they teach me about truly living.




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