A Gift in Grey

Grey skies, shining on me
Grey skies are all I see

IMG_3320It is common conversation – one more day of grey skies, of rain, of cool temperatures. Someone in the staff room announces the prediction of a cold, wet summer. The groaning in the room are interrupted. “At least we won’t need to use as much air conditioning so electricity bills will be lower.”

The others laughed. “That is an optimistic way to look at it,” says one of my colleagues. I hadn’t thought of it as being optimistic, just practical. I am moving to a new place this summer so it will be financially tighter summer than normal. Besides, I tend to turn my heat down in winter and my air conditioning off in summer more often then not.

What brought that conversation to mind again was looking up at the dreary grey clouds hanging over everything while driving home from school. But I also noticed something else. We are in May and there has not yet been the talk of heavy flooding that has occurred in other years. Even after a winter of heavy snow, the slow cool melt of this temperate greyness allowed the ice to break up and the snow to melt slowly enough to avoid as high of a water rise as we have experienced in other years. It may yet come but it isn’t now.

“At least the cool weather allowed the snow to melt slower,” I think as I look at a patch behind a house that is still not quite gone. I pass the place where mountains of snow had crawled with large machinery in the blustery coldness of the winter past. The snow has melted away leaving no sign of the temporary hills. The grass is greening. Bulb plants are sending their leaves up into the air. Flowers will come and the earth will have the moisture to help them start growing.

“At least.” Somewhere inside of me is a record of all the things that could go wrong and yet, what surfaces is all the things that didn’t go wrong or things that went right even though there were problems. It seems to be the automatic response within the journeys in my life, not as empty words, but as a thankfulness and a peace with what is, even when the skies are grey.

Somber clouds– to slack the earth’s thirst, to cool and moderate change. The blue skies are still there.  A quiet, in between is present on the surface of things.

Grey skies – Yes, I think that will be my mindful gift for today.

one with clouds



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