Just the Right Time

patrick ness

Photo – LJA


With the market for apartment and rentals tight, I have always had a fear of not signing my lease each year by my May 1st deadline. This year was no different except this year I attached a note. I would be looking for something a bit larger for a variety of reasons. The note asks for information about how to go about subletting should I find what I am looking for. What I was willing to pay was not enough to fill a wish list. I knew what I wanted most though — at least a couple of bedrooms rooms, a place to do my art, room to invite guests over and a place for a table. Having places to park two cars off the road is also a must in a climate where snow routes and street cleaning and block off parking places on the road.

With the encouragement of a friend, though, I began checking out ads and visiting ones that looked at all interesting. Through the last week of looking, a certain ad kept catching my eye. Now I tend to procrastinate on things like that. I still have to work past the fatalistic feeling that things won’t work out. But last night I went to look at it. It had everything I was looking for and was clean and well cared for.  The owner seemed to have a real pride in good workmanship and care for the place. I didn’t just say yes though. I had a friend check out the information as well.

Tomorrow I give my deposit. Somehow, the right place was there just in time for the May 1st deadline. I would be saved the hassle of subletting and get a place that fulfilled my wish list and more. The place is available earlier than my lease runs out but I have saved for that eventuality. It makes the move easier when It isn’t rushed into a day. It feels good to have this decision settled so that I can begin to pack for the move.

But that wasn’t the only gift in this serendipitous find. Today I had an appointment that needed to deal with some tough material. It was one I had been dreading but knew I needed to have. It was as tough as I expected and leaves me with a heavy heart. Yet, it is more manageable because this day also holds that anticipation of a place big enough to be able to set up an art project and not have to keep taking it down. It holds a promise of enough room to put up a proper bed for my grandkids when they come visit, of a kitchen with enough room to actually cook something, of room to set up a space to invite guests.

Sometimes special blessings come right when they are needed most. Such is my first mindful gift for May.


5 thoughts on “Just the Right Time

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      Yes, I am excited. Only an hour or so before I take the papers over to finish. Then a month of packing and letting go of what doesn’t need to go along.

  1. Laura Hile

    What wonderful news!! I am so happy that you have found a place that enables you to expand and open doors to guests and art. This goes along with a springtime fresh start. May you have many guests and artistic inspirations this summer. 😀

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      There is also a flower garden in front that they are fine with me planting in. It will be my first one in over 10 years. I can’t wait.

      1. Laura Hile

        See I love gardening, even weeding, because what I do stays done for a few days. And plants grow and flower without me telling them to do it! Color and life and beauty. Happy for you, Linda.

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