Z-axis or Life Lessons I learned from Math

What I could teach you about math could be fit into a paragraph but what I have learned from math can fill a post. Forgive me, if you are a math major and know more than me on these matters. I am not pretending to be an expert here. Just telling you the understanding I have gained from what I learned.

You see, so often in life we are encouraged to fit living into a two dimensional plane with negative and positive quadrants made up of the variables of what we want to do and what society tells us is the right thing to do. Since a negative times a positive is still a negative this has interesting results.

A negative societal norm that you choose not to accept can put you in the negative quadrants of acceptance. A positive society norm that you choose to buck can put you in the negative quadrants of acceptability. However conversely, living down to a negative stereoptype in society can get you as much positive acceptance as living up to a positive norm. Something seems a bit out of whack there.

You can choose which of those to call the x or y axis but the results becomes fixed and rigid if we take it too far. Oh, there are important things measured on these quadrants like sound waves and light waves.

Even these come into some places where the numbers are amounts called square roots whose results can often go on and on and on without a real ending point — kind of like some of the differences of opinion that go round and round without an end.

xyzself Then add the Z plane, a third variable that lets you figure out volume and other 3-dimensional qualities. Some people would call this being hard-wired in the way we deal with life. I have heard this “hard-wiring” called being negative or positive.

Others see this as the emotion expressed in the interactions between life and the way you live it. Whatever you call it, the z-axis takes us into the more fleshed out regions of living. This begins to tell us who we really are. It is here where the more narrow clichés of society break down in helping people grow and find acceptance.

screen_shot_2012-10-26_at_5_47_06_pm_99639But the number plane that excites me most is the imaginary plane. This understanding came when they needed to use square roots to solve things and yet couldn’t come up with a definitive answer. Mathematicians realized there had to be something beyond the planes we could see and begin calculating that as a number followed by a small letter i.

I wonder if sometimes that is what we need to do with those societal issues that we continue to go around and around on.

screen_shot_2012-10-26_at_5_47_06_pm_996392What if we adopted the mathematical method enough to realize that simply accepting the unseeable, the difference that divides us from an absolute answer might just give us what we need to come to a workable solution for all? It is worth a thought.

What other planes of thinking could we access if we were willing to add that lower case i to the way we valued our own opinions and ideas about life?







8 thoughts on “Z-axis or Life Lessons I learned from Math

      1. Shelley

        I don’t see it as quirkie, at all. It adds more food for thought. I like that. Would you mind if I shared your post on my blog? (Is that considered a reblog?)

      2. ljandrie57 Post author

        Good, I get to give you a learning curve. There is always the copy and paste, if all else fails. I find that when I need a picture, if you press on the picture it brings it up to a copy that can be more easily saved then moved.

        Someday I may be doing the same thing. You will have to tell me if you figure out something easier for making a guest post.

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