P – The Language of Paint

PIt began with a mandala drawn in my outer self’s carefully geometric lines Satisfied with the pattern but restlessly struggling with a sense of something more, I sat back, looking at the picture in front of me. There, where no shapes were drawn, I could see four more connected mandalas like shadows on the page beckoning to be filled.

To my outer self it almost felt like tracing the lines through a thin page in the first coloured pencil, marker and crayon art work about 5 years ago. Yet when it was finished I knew I had met a part of myself I had buried inside. There was an artist within. It didn’t matter whether or not I would ever be anyone famous. There was, within me, the ability to move beyond a camera and create images that were my own.

I began to explore the world of art. That inner eye seemed to gravitate to acrylics and collage so I have been following along in the past few years.

The paintings below are a few that came to mind as I considered placing some of them on here. Each has its own story that would fill far more than a single post. But art is about communication between the image and the viewer so I will leave them here with you to see what and if any of them speak to you.



“It Begins in the Dark” and “Make Way”, L.J. Andres, Acrylic




Secrets, L.J. Andres, Acrylics



Totems, L.J. Andres, Acrylics



Sunbrushed, L.J. Andres, Acrylics



Strained Glass, L.J. Andres, Acrylics




4 thoughts on “P – The Language of Paint

  1. Laura Hile

    O, the joy of a truly absorbing project, when time seems to disappear. Your title “Make Way” sums up the artistic calling perfectly. Not everyone finds theirs at a young age, but does this matter? Not a bit. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      I am so glad that you were drawn to that picture! It was one that gave me such delight as the inner artist in me created through my eyes and fingers something I had not even imagined in the outside me. It was an emergence just as the name suggests.

  2. Pam Ray

    Now I’m feeling nostalgic. Your art work, especially the first two and the last one reminds me of my maternal Grandmother’s house. My Grandma was not typical, she was a horrible cook, she rarely had time to sit and snuggle or any of those Grandmotherly things. But her house was filled with art, Abstract art, sculptures and so much more, that she and others had created. I could spend hours walking around her home, looking at all the art. Thank you for sharing your gift with others. God bless you. 🙂


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