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It has been my pleasure (and frustration) to work closely with my multiple intelligences cast for the past 55+ years of my life. They have skipped,  quipped, moaned and groaned (plus a few other things I would rather keep under wraps)  their way through my life creating havoc and chaos as well as peace and laughter.

Without even knowing them by name they have been playing their parts on the stage of my life for years. Who knows what else I will find behind the scenes if I look any more? Luckily, the new interest in multiple intelligences as one tool in coming to know the diversity of learners in our classes has led me to tests that outed them.  I’ll introduce you to the cast and crew as they relate to my particular story.


First comes the leading lady, Ms. Visual (nicknamed Vista). Because of her I tend to relate to my world in images. For example, if I was asked where someone put a certain kind of nail, after a moment’s thought I might answer, “It’s somewhere in the middle of the white rectangular packages in the big coffee can with the red peeling label to the left of and nearest the wall by the garage door in the front of the house.” If you were looking for an answer like, “In the cans in front of the house” you would have been lost within the first 8 words. I am not trying to be difficult. I just have to find my way from seeing the specific object and expand outward to the picture of where it is.

That conflict between what you are listening for and my description may come, in part, because of the other two main characters in my theatre: Existential and Intrapersonal. Yep, you heard right. Existential (often called Exie for short) can antagonize and protagonize Vista’s view on just about anything with her big ideas, thinking outside the box and looking at life from a distance. The more contained Intrapersonal (who likes to be called Trapper) keeps fiddling with her view of things with his dissection of all her thoughts and feelings. Working with the two of them leaves Vista in the position not unlike that of trying to take macro close-up pictures through a high-powered long range telescopic lens.


If it weren’t for the other members of the cast, Vista would have little chance of negotiating through this duo to reach the rest of the world. Like all good supporting members, the three sidekicks help move the story along and explain to the audience what the main characters were trying to say all along.

Take Muse (known as Music), for example. Look back on Vista’s description and imagine it with a melody and chords, perhaps even a great bass line under it and a strong drum beat. Much more easy to understand that way, eh?

Verlie (Verbal-linguistic for those in the know) puts the words to the tune, the soul to the rock, the meaning to the view, the story to voyeuristic Exie’s ramblings or Trappers angst. In short, he has the words for everything you want to hear and many things you don’t.

Last of all comes Kin. She’s the real mover and shaker in the group. You would know her better as Kinesthetic. She’s the real actor of the bunch keeping the scene moving via paint brush, keyboard dancing, pen scratching, toe tapping, expansive gesturing and some slapstick falls to add her idea of comedy.


Lastly but not leastly, what production doesn’t rely on a good back stage team? My crew may get the shakes in front of the bright lights so they don’t even do well in walk on roles but without them this show would flounder.

Take Malo the Stage Manager. Without Mathematical-logical to bring a little order to the chaos I would never be able to get this production up and going.  Malo is, also.  great to chat with when the pressures of show business get to be too much for me. His projects take so much concentration I can shut out the rehearsals in my head.

Without Terp (AKA Interpersonal) bringing a semblance of people skills to her house manager position we would be closing down the show before it even opened. Terp even gives some stage notes now and then to keep the production from sailing off on the clouds. If you actually understand what I am writing here, you might want to think of sending her a thank you note.

But Nat is the one that keeps my feet on the ground. As production manager, Nature keeps us down to earth and in touch with the world that surrounds our little show. He is also good at providing the research so the production actually can create the images in the heads and hearts of others.

But, wait! I thought images was what Vista brings to the show! Don’t let her know the stage crew is feeding her ideas. You know how divas can be.


*This birdbrain production is brought to you courtesy of Andie’s dancing fingers. Many thanks for those whose many contributions has made this show possible.

** If you are curious about who might be acting and crewing your own show, there are several multiple intelligence tests available. Take more than one since each test has the potential of giving you variations depending on the questions they use.   Please note, only some of the tests are inclusive of Exie. (This ad space purchased by M.I. incorporated, All reserves right.)


M.I. web from: http://cperrier.edublogs.org/2013/06/16/identifying-the-why-in-education-10-theories-for-educators-to-know-apply-and-share/



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