Timing is Everything …. Or Is It?

fizzies11bFizzies was the in thing when I was a kid. Popped in a glass of water, you could watch the bubbles of color fill the glass with yummy sweetness. And placed on the tongue the fizzy sensation would tickle your nose and your lips.

So in 1970 when I went with dad to visit a business acquaintance I was thrilled when the storekeeper showed me boxes full of cards and cards of fizzies that would no longer be sold at his store. I could have them if I wanted them, he said. I didn’t even think to question why they weren’t able to be sold anymore, All I could think was that I had hit the candy gold mine. I could taste the days of yummy fizzing enjoyment.

I popped a few packages of tabs into my backpack to share  at school with a couple of friends. However, when others saw what I had, they wanted some too since they couldn’t buy them anywhere anymore. They sold at 25 cents a tablet. I mean, the supply was limited and I wasn’t going to be able to replace it. If I wanted to keep some for myself I needed to make the price a bit higher. Some people even tried to bribe me with more but I stuck to my price and sold them fair and square. That box surely financed a few favourite records. I was in 13 year old heaven.

It is interesting to think of this from the perspective of today. At the time, since only a few years later Pop Rocks came out, I had figured it was because it was becoming passé in the market. From the power of my sales, I figured they had made a flaw in their judgment.

Today when I did the research to find out the reason for their removal, I found that the cyclamates in them had become a banded substance by the FDA. Who would have thought the local pastor’s daughter was selling  contraband?

*** Note, so that I don’t get in trouble with the manufacturers. They have a new set of ingredients in the new round of these fizzies so I neither endorse or donèt endorse the new product.





2 thoughts on “Timing is Everything …. Or Is It?

  1. Tonia Hurst

    Funny Linda. I remember those things. They were kinda disgusting but when they took them off the marketplace, I made my own from my chemistry set. Funny how you can grow to like the weird stuff. Thanks for the fun memory.

  2. Denise Jackson

    You little saleslady, you! How fun to remember them. What I remember is getting them on a little booklet from the doctor’s office, the same doctor’s office of which I wrote last week. Sometimes the nurse would let us take a bunch home with us. I have an odd remembrance that his had Vitamin C in them…not clear on my details…it’s been awhile!


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