You will know the truth

Truth – I didn’t realize what a volitile word it was until last night. I dared to make a comment about levels of truth, the truths of my life as opposed to a greater truth that I come to know through the interactions with others whether in person or through things that I read.

That seemed to be heady stuff for the group. Only eternal, unchangeable things could truly be called truth seemed to be the outcome. Otherwise, we should use the word “perception” or “incite”. To call something “my” truth seemed almost to be a type of sacrilege. And yet, the very definition of eternal unchangeable disallows the word true or truth to be linked to any constructs of our understanding of anything.

Take the story we were discussing in which the word truth came into contention — The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Admittedly a man-made construct, the purpose was to tell a children’s story that had some deeper meaning. So in it, when Peter and Susan can’t accept the event in Lucy’s life that she says is true, they go to the professor. Their options are that she, who has up to now been thought to be truthful, was lying or, more frighteningly, she was not sound in her head. Since the construct of her story could not be lined up with the immutable truths of their lives — the wardrobe verifiably had a solid wooden back, Lucy could not have an experience several hours long when only a minute or so had passed — they could not fathom another option. It takes the professor to help them even consider the possibility that she might be telling the truth.

Let’s take the simple factor of time. In the space of that time period which to Susan was a few minutes of time, Lucy met the faun, was convinced to walk with him to his house, had tea, was put to sleep by Mr. Timnus’s music, had the discussion about the witch’s designs on her and walked back to the lamppost and through the wardrobe back to the spare room. For this to be merely a “perception” or “incite” would make no sense. She has experienced a truth in terms of the time continuum that is out of sink with the others. Peter gives her the option of admitting it was a story she made up but Lucy denies that it is. She stands by her story even though the attitude of the others is painful for her. For Lucy to accept the fixed ideas of truth that she had been raised with would be to deny the truth of her actual experience. The professor contradicts expectations of what is mature thought by causing Peter and Susan to begin to question their fixed ideas about what exists and what is possible. of what is “truth”.

Have you ever been in the position where some experience has called you to question all that you once held as solid? I have and have too often chosen Edmund’s option, not out of spite but out of fear of the opinions of others. It doesn’t change the truth of what I experienced and slowly the closets of my being get stuffed to overflowing with the things I try to hide to be acceptable. The freedom of just relating with the Creator I believe in get shackled by denials that God could directly interact with me since others reject the experiences that have made that God real to me.

The Bible says, “You will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.” I grew up with rigid views of religion called “truth” that bound me instead of freeing my soul. Yet when I hit bottom emotionally all these rigid truths could not call me to life. It was the relationship with a power higher than I am that held me in those times. In my life, that relationship is the only truth I know how to stand on. It is only in that relationship that I find hope.

But I look forward to hearing from you. You see, the God that I believe in was great enough to create a world that no lifetime is long enough to fully understand. If that is true though, than the God I know is big enough to speak through that world in ways that will be heard with all the diversity of those who inhabit this planet with me. There is so much to learn about this One who has somehow reached into my life in ways I don’t even understand. There is so much to learn about this God that has revealed deity in ways beyond my cultural norms or fixed ideas.

Sorry, you will have to accept me talking about the “truth” in my life instead of keeping the word truth for some eternal construct out there that none of us can know on our own. When I allow others to limit truth to what they understand, I feel trapped and cornered by doubts. It is in the questions of life, in the acceptance of these personal “truths” and other “truths” that I may never fully comprehend, that I am reminded of the One who is greater than our understanding. And when I rest on the reality of those questions, I am free.


15 thoughts on “You will know the truth

  1. Stella Myers

    This is wonderful. I agree that we all have our “truths” and the truth will set you free. Some of the truths are perspective, and some are that they are true to me, because they are answers to my prayers. I agree with you. Must have been some conversation

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      It could have been but I realized that there was a closeness to what I had to say so respected their right to their perception and just came home and worked through why it was so important to me. I felt a bit like Lucy, not willing to deny some things that don’t make sense with anything I have been taught.

      There are things that have happened with dates and times that are unexplainable but real, not perceptions or incites but actual events. These events have strengthened my faith in a power higher than myself.

      It is these things I call the truths of my life. I don’t know how to explain them because they went against all my self knowledge but still occurred.

      Thank you for responding.

  2. deborahlynn27

    I should probably walk around with this for a bit to let the words form … but I am so excited by this post … in a very good way … It is beautiful and so challenging to bump up against the limited perceptions of what truth is for some … Several weeks ago, I was dancing around to the music in my head … and I watched as I moved around my house … dancing as I popped up out of 4 maybe 5 different perceptual boxes that could not longer contain … beliefs that no longer fit … It felt amazing to burst forth out of them … and a little scary … what do I do without these perceived limits birthed for the most part out of the emotional reality of my birth to 5 years? Haha!! I fly free into the life of my original design … that’s what I do …

    I love this post … I love that you chose to work it out and come to the place of truth for you … so heart opening for me and I imagine for you as well ??

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      This is where my life is based, Deborah. If you ever have a chance to read my other posts you will find that it is not an overstatement to say that it is the One not the religion that reached me in the lowest place in my life.

      I heard the concept somewhere of twice born people — people who were born into a certain system of belief but through experiences and perhaps even back off from faith for a time, come to something stronger and truer than what they believed before.

      I am in that transition point in my life so I get your excitement in this. There is still a journey to go though as I spent so many years shaming the very creation God made me to be by hiding truths in my life. But when I think of this idea in the post, there is a feeling of peace that the journey ahead is worth it. That by stopping running from the parts of me that weren’t accepted by others, I will find the person God created me to be.

      Thank you for sharing your excitement. You are so appreciated.

  3. Melinda Lancaster

    You said…”When I allow others to limit truth to what they understand, I feel trapped and cornered by doubts. It is in the questions of life, in the acceptance of these personal “truths” and other “truths” that I am may never fully comprehend, that I am reminded of the One who is greater than our understanding. And when I rest on the reality of those questions, I am free.” Me too, friend.

    A good friend of mine once shared that in the Greek that word “truth” in John 8:32 means “reality in front of you.” That seems to go very well with what you’ve shared.

  4. mickholt

    Many truths cannot been seen much less understood without certain experiences or knowledge. I think Lewis was giving us a picture of what all Christ followers deal with through Lucy’s experience. She began an unbelievable relationship in an inconceivable world and her siblings reacted as most people do that do not follow Christ – with doubt and scorn. Even when Edmond “gets in” his experience was not what Lucy’s was and we see how greed mixed with some knowledge of something good can corrupt – but even that can be over come by faith. Peter and Susan have no choice but to accept the reality of Lucy’s truth when they finally experience what she told them. If you read to the rest of the series you find in “The Last Battle” that Susan is not along with the other three. She stopped believing which calls into question whether or not she ever really believed in the first place – something Lewis hints at throughout. There are, I believe, degrees of what we understand to be true. A room that’s cold to you might be comfortable to me. A movie you think is brilliant may be garbage in my eyes. It is in this was that you and I reject one another’s truths. Jesus said he is “the way, the truth and the life,” by giving himself that title he declared for all eternity that there is, in fact, one unquestionable truth that we can all either accept or reject.

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      I think Susan and Peter also represent religious viewpoints. If you look back in the history of the church, there were places where the questions of a few were submerged in the need for the many to have a stable view of what truth is.

      I happen to believe with you in Christ. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that I see the rest of the religious experience in the same way. I may also have experienced Christ in my life in a different way. That is where we need to be able to speak together and “discern the spirits to see if they are of God.”

      I do agree there is a place for the words “Perception” and “incite”. Our perception of a movie can be different. But the movie is what the movie is. Even our perception of a book can be different.

      But what Lucy couldn’t change was the reality of the time she had experienced. If she was not there several hours then she was crazy. It goes back to one of our past discussions on one of your posts.

      Do we have room in our faith for a God big enough to give a different experience of the presence of the Almighty to each of us? Different truths?

      1. mickholt

        Absolutely, I think it is similar to the way we see things of God here in the United States compared to what people in other countries see – especially with regard to things like miracles and healing. God’s blessed the states with scientists and medical advances that other countries have not seen so where we can take a pill or go to a hospital to take care of health issues people in jungles and deserts have no choice but to rely on God for their healing – that’s their reality and not ours but – Yes, we must have room in our faith for a God that big – because He is.

      2. ljandrie57 Post author

        I have the miracle of healing. It is in the Western civilized worlds. God moves how and when God chooses. God knows our hearts and reaches us where we are.

        This I believe because of the experiences of my life that don’t fit the boxes we place around proper Christian faith no matter what our denominations.

        I have just posted a piece about a dark place. I will sometime come to the piece about the thing that I don’t know how to call anything but a miracle. It is all a part of the healing that is in its last days.

        This is a time, Mick, that I am at a final crossroads, I think. Only God will be able to show me the path from here, but first, I need to stop and follow the leading as slowly the barriers in my life are dismantled.

        The story I wrote today was to finally stop shaming a part of me that I have hidden for almost 40 years.
        Just as Jesus placed mud on the blind man’s eyes and touched lepers. Just as healing came to the woman that touched his robe,

        God is bringing to the light the pieces of me that I have hidden in shame for so long and reminding me that this, too, is a part of the child he loves, the child he has always loved even when she had no real idea what love meant.

        I am sorry this answer is so long, but I waited to read this until I had done the work of posting my piece about the Frost. Perhaps in reading that you will understand some of the emotion that I am sure I am not keeping out of this response.

  5. Kendra Burrows

    Great thoughts! I hadn’t put that together – some of the times when Truth seems to smack me in the face (in a good way) is when other people’s “truth” gets in the way of my understanding and acceptance of it. (Not sure if that made any sense…) Thanks for this tonight!

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      Yeah, it makes sense. That is the wonder of interacting with others in the way we do in writing. We do a bit of smacking into each others truths and so find our own understandings growing.

  6. Rhonda on Purpose

    I have evernoted this post. I love it. I love it. I love it. You shared some amazing and concise statements on the God who IS . . . I’m speechless.

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      This is the only God big enough to trust with the things that have been confusing in my life. This is the God that has walked with me through everything. I can’t pin him into someone’s religious straightjacket. I don’t think God is small enough to fit in any of our religious packaging.


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