Mo and Ro (a Milne friendly tail)

Mouse loved to have a little nibble of something early in the morning before the bigguns roused from their mountain tops. In his forage under the hot top-it he met his good friend cockroach.
“I sees you is out an about bright this morning, Ro. You seein any of them bigguns yet?”

Cockroach was too busy nibbling his crumblin to answer more than, “mmmumphahette” but reached out his denticles to Mouse. Held in their grasp was the last piece of crumblin.

A tiny tear trickled down Mouse’s cheek at the generosity. “You is a good friend, Ro,” he said taking the tiny nibblin. The bigguns had been doing the sweepins more regular like so pickins were rare these days.

Still Mouse glimpsed a prize cheese smear over by the edge of the everdrop. He had clamped his mountaineer rope and needle hooks once and scaled its heights but all the treasures there were locked up tight in aquariums you could see in but not touch in. He had been able to smell all the delectable delights but not reach em. Tummy growling he slide down the webbin and hadn’t tired the climb again.

That was when he met Ro nibblin a sketti rolled under the edge of the hot toppin. Ro had shared a bit then too and they had been fast friends ever since.

“Every Ro needs his Mo” Ro would skrill when Mo would mope around when food was scarce. “We’ll findum sumpin if we don’t give up.”

Mo offered to share his lovely cheese smear with Ro but, hearing the tummy rumbling of Mo, Ro protested he was full and skittled into the crack in the wall just as the rumbling avalanche from the other room alerted Mo to the coming of the bigguns. Scrappin the smear into his paw he scuttled into his warm little din behind the cold inside.

It had been a good adventure, thought Mo, as he licked the sticky yum from his forepaws. Patting his tummy he curled up and went to sleep.


5 thoughts on “Mo and Ro (a Milne friendly tail)

  1. Laura Hile

    “Every Ro needs his Mo.” Love that little line! Thanks for sharing this with us.

    A My 500 Words slogan: “We’ll writeum sumpin if we don’t give up.”

  2. Denise Jackson

    You could publish a children’s book! One of my favorite books to read to children to demonstrate the use of accents, and reading with emotion were the Uncle Remus stories featuring Brer Rabbit. This had a similar flavor, and I think children would enjoy more adventures with your characters!

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      Thanks, Denise. These just came out of thin air. My inner artist must have always aspired to be a children’s book writer because this was just there inside when I looked for a classic. Glad you enjoyed it.


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