Keyboard Fatique

Be it known that I am on strike for the next 24 hours at least. I hereby declare that I will sabatoge one more symbol used to travel back to the past. I am Andie’s mentor in this, prodding her to proper balance in her self-care and writing. I got that she had finally opened up a place in her life that she had been covering for so long. I get that there will be more such sharings in the future but right now is not the time. I vow to shut off all electricity in the house, sound another fire alarm like the two that have already gone off in the apartment block today and otherwise disrupt life as she knows it.

My keys are made for dancing and that’s just what I’ll do. One of these days my keys are gonna dance…… hmmm, I think I am on the wrong song. I could have danced all night, I could have danced all night, and still have asked for more, I could have spread my keys, jumped on a trampoline and still have asked for more…… Okay, okay so I am getting carried away.

That is what too much digging in the past does to me. Too much dirt …. Mud fighting …..hmmm, nope, don’t think she would let us take things there. Ding, dong, the witch is dead …. But which witch is which and which one is Glenda and which is the witch of the east. Na-na-na-na….. That is what you get for all the dip into the doo duhs we have just spent together.

Balance …. B—aa—ll—aa-nn-cc-eee, I say. You on one end of the board and me on the other. I get the letter keys and you can have the numbers. It is okay I will let your fingers dance on my side but only a light fandango. No slow waltzes for me 1-2-3 unless I get a good teacher like I bet Fred Astaire was….. 1-2-3 sing for me “Dancing in the Rain”….”Blue skies”……May the bird of happiness fly up your nose, get him out with a garden hose, nobody knows when the nose blows or how that rhyme goes.

Mentor …. Mentor …. I meant her to stop and take a mental and emotional break. I meant her to just be here with me playing on the keys ….. Here, catch an E. A q miniscule makes a quirky bat, and upside down capital T makes a wonderful hat. Now what do you think of that? Flat…… Yes, I have always thought it would be interesting to rent a flat in some foreign country. If in Rome you need to do what the Romans do does that mean that in the deep jungles of the Amazon region you get to do what the Amazonians do? I always wondered.

19 more words, Linda, then off to sleep with you. The keyboard needs some shut eye for the night. Sound the alarm, no, shut it off for the night.


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