Travelling the hinterlands (A Tall Tale)

iceaSo what do you do with a day like today? Couldn’t get my mind around anything. Why it took me two hours to get out of bed after the alarm rang. The water in the shower sprayed icicles so that I needed my hair blower just to defrost my toes. Then all the eggs in my refrigerator had been there so long they had hatched leaving me with a box full of feathers. (The chickens escaped.) Eating a few stale saltines I jumped into my Arctic wear and pushed my way out of the P1060342front door.

By the time I rappelled down the far side of the ice mountain covering my yard to reach my car, I had just enough time to make it to my final class in my first teaching slot. Mounting my GPS securely in its pouch I pulled back through the drifts then accelerated through the cloud of snow clods and bumped off through the moguls of snow. I had to trust my car springs to make one more journey.

Driving through the obscuring fuzziness I set off into the vast and open prairie lands between the town and the hinterland where my classes were waiting. The snow drifted in rivers across the road flooding my vision with whiteness. I gripped my wheel realigning each frostcolour2time my tires slid along in the icy ridges worn between rises.

The trip seemed to last forever as I travelled my familiar route. I could not understand why I had not reached my destination. Suddenly, looking around I realized the scenery had changed. Nothing was where it was expected to be. Where was the turn I usually took? Trees and roofs peeking out of the snow had a frighteningly distinct sense of unfamiliarity. The dread sense consumed me. I was lost.

untitledblowaThe wind howled mercilessly around me, a maniacal laughter of deception. My hands gripped the wheel. I would not let it defeat me. I pushed my mind into its deductive stream slowing and channeling the nonessential programs to focus my analytical expertise. Scenery has changed, turn is missing, fuzziness was obscuring the route, the wheels turned, cogs aligned and I reached the conclusion that I had travelled too far.

Line of attack? Find a place to turn around. I released the tight rein on my thinking and the flow of ideas returned to normal on the edges around my laser sharp vision. Cutting through the murk of flurries I located an obscure open area and succeeded imagesQJE8RD1Tato reverse the direction of my journey.

My deductive powers at its highest degree it was not long before I discovered an alternate route that could take me back in the direction I needed to go. The adrenaline holding me up dropped causing me to sink into a puddle of relief barely able to see over the dash of the car.

Somewhere between time I would normally get there and time I should be there I arrived at my destination. I had survived my wilderness trek. Now I just needed to make it back home.


11 thoughts on “Travelling the hinterlands (A Tall Tale)

  1. Tonia Hurst

    Linda, you made this fun. Enjoyed seeing a new element in your writing and especially liked the eggs that hatched leaving you with feathers. Nice job.

      1. ljandrie57 Post author

        That means I did a good job with this…. I had felt down in the morning and rattled by missing my turn because I was so in a fog of thought. My eggs really were out of date and there is a good 3 feet of packed snow across my yard……. it was fun playing with those simple facts. Hope you have a go with it. It is quite fun.

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      So living here, you can guess where the Tall Tale features are of this tale. It is almost strange not to have gotten any “REallies? Yes, it was scary being lost but it all worked out all right . I am glad the story got the larger than life response. It means I wrote it the way it was intended — over the top as a Tall Tale.


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