Poems from the past: New Friendships

I was talking to another in the group about poems held on an old site. With changes of technology, it isn’t a place that I can really send people so I am going to move some of them here.

A Moment in Time

24 June, 2000

There are moments of time
that ring with crystal clarity
in our hearts
and we know the thought
we hold within must
be let go to fly
on wings of words
to find its home
in another heart
this moment I come
with just the words
I want to say
a poem of thought
a capsule of breath
a dream
of something wonderful
yet to come
left pale in the shadow
of waiting
for the next moment
I will spend a moment
with you.


October 1999

“Here is my heart”
with trembling hands
you held to me
this treasure rare.
I stand in awe
at such a gift–
A fragile flower
blooming, lovely
in your hand.
I reach to touch
the fragile bloom
afraid to bruise
its precious petals
knowing it is not
one bloom of many
but the outpouring
of the soil of years.
I shake my head
in wonder at such trust
and cup its sweet perfume
within a gentle hand.


Shadow Friend
October 1999

The day dawned dark
Wisps of fog within my spirit
Blinding heart to sun
I felt alone.

A name upon the screen
My friend waiting
On the end of words
I wrote knowing
She will answer
She will hear
My hearts cry
And lend her words
As comfort
To my weary soul
My soul once more
Can find its wings
And soar
Above the fog
Into the sun

I smile
The wisps of fog
shift slightly
giving me a glimpse
of shadow form
my friend
a phantom dream
of real substance
somewhere living life
yet taking time
to be in mine.


Changing Relationship
August, 2000

The autumn wind blows
I hear its whistle
Feel its passage
Stirring the ashes of time
Haunting lonely rooms
Where dreams of us
Once lived
The fountains spring to life
Behind my eyes
Cleansing the ache
With salty tears
Blurring the colours
As one by one
The frescos of what
we might have been
Blur and run
In rainbow colours
Pooling in puddles of memories
On the floor
The calendar pages
Flutter in the wake of the
Howling cries
Flooding rooms with silence
Where once the songs
Were all for you
Yet there
Close beside the eternal fire
Burning here within my heart
Your chair
Worn by your presence
Waits for you
Always ready
Always welcoming
The friend you still will be
The winds will still
The colours dry to carpets
Splashed across the floor
And in my heart
I will find home
A peace-filled place
Where you will always find
A welcome when you visit me
There in your chair ready for you
Whenever you need a resting place


signs of spring
23 January, 2000

your words breathe life
upon my soul
filling my heart with
fire thawing dreams
once frozen in doubt
bringing hopes green bud
to fragile limb
sign of springtime’s
gentle touch
a hint of joy to come
in the unknown tomorrows


Your Gifts to Me
26 May, 2000

Your presence in my day
is cool water
quenching my thirsty soul
I am filled
with the hearty bread
of acceptance
by the feast of time
you give me
I speak my words
they fall
majestically, regally
when seen
through the lenses
of your heart
I am rich beyond riches
showered by
the gold and jewels
of your heart
the quiet
the joy
the longings and dreams
you have chosen
to share
with me
I am enough
to make me happy
because you
have held my hand
through this resurrection
of my hope
for life
for wholeness
for inner peace


The unknown seed

27 September, 2000

I didn’t even know the seed was there

When the first curling tendrils
Unfurled within the shell
Growing silently
Gathering strength
Unknown until the day
When in surprise
I felt the seed break open
In the soil of my heart

And there you were
Roots moving inward
Nourished by each moment
We spend together
Each message, each word
Each hug, each smile
We share
Until with caring’s strength it
Pierced the soils secret hold

It is a tender shoot now
tentative head lifting above the ground

yet still its stature is unknown
What plant it is yet to be:
The sturdy stalk of friendship
Adorned with leaves and flowers
Of shared moments
Of laughter and tears
Of work and play?

Or something rarer
Friendship still
But rooted deep
Dressed in evergreen colours
Yet flowering in blooms
fragrancing the air
Entwined in loving embrace
Perennial splendour
Of love made new again


I am

January 22 and March 15, 2001

I am a dreamer,

A creative person

Who is stubborn enough

To keep believing

That life will come out for the best

Even when the chips are down …

I am a person

Who can see a need

And find a way to try to meet it

And if my way doesn’t work,

Believe that if I look hard enough

And deep enough

A way can be found …

I am a person

Who thinks on multiple levels

And knows that all that is good in thought

Is not in my conscious mind

So can use sleep and relaxation

To reach deeper when needed …

I am a person

Who cares deeply for others

And wants to make

A difference in my world ….

But I am also a person

Who often speaks freely

Still learning to be a listener

Letting others, too, feel heard

As together we

Look forward to

A life of growing …

Knowing we are persons

Who have so much to learn

About living life

And all it had to offer

As we walk this road



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