Day 28 – How to Paint a Life

Assemble your materials.

Choose your canvas. They come in all shapes and sizes choose the one that feels like it stirs something in your soul. It is even alright to choose more than one to reflect the variety of being IMG_0462that makes you You.

Choose your medium. watercolors, oil paint, acrylics, natural dyes, collage? The possibilities are more endless then my knowledge of art. The choices you make will begin to form the work that will be created. Don’t be afraid to explore, to look at the works of others, to research all the possibilities. Then use the cash of your living to acrylics (3)purchase those pigments that stir your to life.(Since acrylics and collage are my mediums of choice, the rest of this lesson will speak from those perspectives.)

What will you paint with? Brushes, palette knives, found objects, fingers? Have a variety of possibilities within reach. Don’t be afraid, though, to look around you and try something you have never heard of anyone else using. This is your life. It’s meant to be unique.

Find your art space.

IMG_0458Choose a place that is your own even if it is in the middle of a crowded room. Prop the canvas up or lay it down ready for the colours you will play upon in. If you need two canvases at once, use them. This is your life, paint it in the way that allows you to hear the many facets of who you are as you tune to your world. That is where you need to begin.

Set the ambiance by play the music that makes your heart come alive even if it is the sound of silence or the laughter or friends. The IMG_0463 (2)surface-you can’t do this alone. Your mentor is hidden within, longing to step up and help you make this painting a masterpiece.


Begin by listening to the air around you while you let your eyes see, really see the canvas before you. Let it begin to tell you the colours to use as background of all that will come.

Continue looking and listening as you add layers or collage IMG_0454items. Don’t worry about spills or seeming mistakes. Let them become a part of the artistry in your living. By allowing things outside of your original plans, you will begin to see the canvas in ways you would have missed.

Explore possibilities. Experiment with texture and line. Paint and repaint. Arrange and rearrange. Pentimento, the repentance of old choices that leads to new layers is not only allowed but can bring your painting to a new level of being.

IMG_1538Don’t be afraid to stop and look beyond the canvas. Continue to question and learn, look and experience so that your canvases can become all it is meant to be.

Paint with joy and abandon, sadness and grief. Place all the colours of your life onto the changing image before you.

Only you will know when canvas is done and you are ready to move on. Some you will hang up to celebrate, others will be set aside to allow experience to grow until you can see what they will become.

Paint your life as only you can. You are the artist you have always dreamed of being.


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