DAY 15 – Possibilities


He has dreams and ambitions to last a lifetime.
The greater the challenge the more the joy.
Music sings through his fingers
From a mind and heart
That colours each note in rainbows.
As a teacher, he will challenge me,
stretch me, help me grow.
He is only six years old.

His mother watched as the boys came down the hall laughing and playing together. The school day had ended and the young boy was joyful seeing his little brother again. Smiling, his mother told me, “Did he tell you he’s taking music? The thing that I find interesting is that the harder it is getting, the more he wants to go.” He was taking piano and thrilled when the second hand was added. She continued, telling me about how he surprised and pleased his teacher by singing all the words of “Rudolph, the Red Nosed Reindeer” to the tune of “Frosty the Snowman” without missing a beat. He was close enough to hear when she told me how he isn’t satisfied with just playing a song through. He likes to mix it up, changing the style to “punk” or “rock” or whatever he is thinking about at the moment.

It was here he entered the conversation. “I mostly just like to do that with movie songs,” he explained. “Someday I want to take a song and make a movie that fits the song.” His eyes flicker with the passion of knowing that he will someday live that dream. The world is full of endless possibilities.

Connor T - Piano 2xAs a teacher my heart leaps at the joy he feels when he talks about music and his creative dreams. He is only in grade 1. He will grace my music class for several more years. He will challenge me to grow musically and to expand my own idea of creativity. It will be mine to balance my program so that that light can shine in the room even as I teach basic skills and also reach those students whose candles flicker with doubt. He will add another colour to the pallette of colours that make me glad for the chances in life that led me to teach music in this elementary school. I come home knowing that it is his image that I want to paint upon this page to share my thoughts on my own writing journey. 000inner child

His words caused my inner artist to leap with joy and I am filled with all the possibilities that have been awakened in me as I began to write again. Can I do for that inner child in me what I hope to do for him? Can I give her the freedom, the tools, and the space to create those things that fill her dreams? Can I let her live out the joy that I have tucked so deep inside? In the process of risking this writing challenge I can feel this stirring within. Someday, what is it that I will write that will once again let my eyes shine like his?


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