Day 12 – Can you spot the stretchmarks?

Tomorrow is Sunday and the 12th day of the writing challenge. The suggested prompt for tomorrow is to lie, not maliciously, but to stretch the truth in some way or just downright lie. I would rather leave that one off my Sunday list so I am doing Day 12 today. This is my take on the topic. I think it was the hardest 500 word challenge of them all. I think you will be able to tell that when you read it. It needs to come with a warning label — Badly Written Post. (But a bit fun to write.)



 This is something I find hard to admit. I have to push past this resistance to say it but, well, here goes. I – I —- am —- a-judgmental-person. Yes, I actually admit it. I AM judgmental.

DSC08048 Now, you wouldn’t know that just by looking at me. I would be the first to be up in arms because someone has been hurt by judgment. It is such an awful thing. I mean, everybody has a right to be themselves. I mean, I have the right to be myself. No one tells me what to do. Why shouldn’t other people get to make their own choices too? Just because everyone doesn’t have all the things I have shouldn’t make them think I am better than they are, right? I even share – as long as you are willing to have the things I decide to give you. It is my right, isn’t it? I mean, I am the one with the stuff. You should just be glad you get any at all.

A-humph! I am getting carried away here. I guess it’s the procrastinating a person should expect when they are having trouble telling the truth. So back to my point. I AM a judge mental person. Me? Yep, nice little ole me has a nonstop inner recording that labels everything and everybody. Just glad I’ve got the inner censer that keeps the worst of it from coming out of my mouth.

chainsSurely there is no one else like me in this. I mean, other people either let it rip or don’t think it at all. Isn’t that what freedom is all about? Getting to say what you want and nobody is supposed to be able to tell you not to. Freedom, such a good thing. Why just the other day I had the freedom to pick out whatever I wanted at the local outdoor market. The weather was perfect so I didn’t even have to carry an umbrella so I could carry enough bags to get all the produce I needed for the next – but I am procrastinating again.

 I never thought this would be so hard to talk about. I mean, it is just one of those things. I see people getting “likes” for all kinds of judgmental things every day. Couldn’t you say I am just coming out in a way that lets me fit in with the crowd? I have always thought being like everyone else was the most important thing there is. When you are just like everybody else you never have to feel alone. You never even have to worry about using your brain too much. Just look at what everyone else is doing and saying and life is easy street.

Don’t you agree?

O, and be carefully on the roads. Someone let the dogs out.



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