Aside 2 – Yes, There are Happy Endings

This doesn’t even approach 500 words, but I can’t resist this aside. One of Jeff’s prompts was about giving directions. In my sometimes snarly, tongue in cheek way, this fits that prompt. Again, it is one of my defiant, not fitting the rules pieces from my prescribed-what-is-creative Creative writing class in the 1990s. We all have those things we struggle with. Sometimes stubbornness can be a wonderful trait.



 So it didn’t work out this time. I’ll try again tomorrow. And tomorrow. And tomorrow. I gotta get it right someday. That’s one of the good things about being young. There’s a lot of tomorrows.

Now how did that go again? I know they told me. Over . . . . Around . . . . Through. Something like that. It can’t be too hard. I got the pull together and up. Also the sideways and through. I’ll get this. I – Will – Get – This!

 No! Not tomorrow. I want to do it now! This is something that gets in my way. I’m tired of tripping over this. I’m gonna get it if it takes all day.

 Let’s see . . . . round about. I think I grasp that much. What comes next? Oh, yeah! I gotta do the same over here. There!

 Now’s the hard part. Care-ful-ly over. And a-rouuund. U-u-un-der here. Now if I can juuust catch this . . . . Aaaand through!

 I did it! I actually DID IT! Mommy, I can tie my shoes. I can tie my shoOOOOes!

 Oops! I forgot about the other one.


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