Day 8b – Things that matter

Feeling a bit of a writing funk, I decided to play with the prompt for today – a list unedited and unplanned. Here it is:

– Decide what to write in a list. Think hard about the snarkiest things you can think of. Think happy or sad, doesn’t matter. Just add it to the list.

DSC06266Butterflies and bumblebees add such bright colour to the world. And yet, it is the white butterflies I love the best for the story they remind me of.

– Dignity is underrated when it comes to saying I’m sorry. Sometimes our pride gets in the way of saying the very things that need to be said to heal the broken connection between people.

Where you stand in a matter does matter. If you stand on setting concrete locking yourself into a rigid form, don’t be surprised if you find it hard to move out in other places of yourself. You might need to ask someone for a jack hammer.

– Carry a book with you everywhere you go. If your car breaks down or you get a flat, if there is no one that remembers how to look in another person’s face and smile, you can always fall back on vicariously enjoying the relationships of others.DSC06626b

Find laughter in the smallest things. Watch a beetle struggling over the edge of a leaf or the red spotted ladybug that is crawling up another person’s back. Imagine all kinds of scenarios and laugh. Just don’t do it too loudly at the wrong time. You need to respect the imaginary space of others.

DSC02726c – Time with grandchildren is a must. Granny’s need a fill of hugs on a regular basis.

– Play music every day, not practicing, not finding a song for work, just play because it is a song you like and want to be a part of. Sing like the world is listening and it matters. You have an audience of one no matter where you sing. Let that audience know that they are important enough to hear joy and enthusiasm, pathos and emotion in each note you sing.

Write when and where you can. Let your words pile up on the page until they tumble into a cacophony of thoughts shouting to be heard. Believe your words matter if only for the way they hold those memories and moments that you needed to release upon the page.Linda pics (38)

– Make art. Sometimes let the intellect take part as your research and study models but sometimes let go of the reins and let that part of you that speaks in dreams and through your hands take the control from your head. Let your heart shine in what you do even if no one sees it there but you.

Keep risking sharing in this accountability blog. If you have to remind yourself every day that the purpose of the blog is the risk not the stats, do it. Just keep sharing those things that are a part of this challenge. Don’t compare with others. We are each on our own journey. Walk your road and be glad of the encounters along the way.DSC04058

–  Surprise yourself by letting go and finding out, like you did here, that you can let words just be unpolished stones. They don’t have to be tumbled and perfected to bring you joy. Sometimes just finding the list finished before you realize you have begun can bring a satisfaction and an inner shout of joy.

Know when to stop. (But also know when to keep going.)


2 thoughts on “Day 8b – Things that matter

    1. ljandrie57 Post author

      Shary, I am so glad you enjoyed it. I think that the idea of the list just touched something inside and allowed me to express some of the joy in life.


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