Day 3 – Dreams

Dreams are powerful. Those first moments after waking can be filled with the depth of what is there. Tears, laughter, fears, hurt, joy, so many emotions and reactions occur caused by this thought life that fades away leaving feelings perched on the edge of the unknown. This morning was one of those days when dreams left a feeling of flight. Inner chords of discontent sent off such a strong reverberation of image that it still resonated in my waking. It asks me to listen, not to my dreams but to my soul. Have I been settling in that area of my life? Is there a change that is needed deep within for my inner soul to find its freedom? What are the questions I need to ask to hear the inner “yes” of my spirit again?

Dreams have a way of doing that if we listen to them. They have a way of taking us down below the surface of our lives and revealing the layers we hide from the light of day. They are like the clues in a detectives trail though. Each one adds a piece. It is in looking at all the clues together that the answer is found but first we have to be willing to see. We have to be willing to wait or act in a way that will help us put the pieces together in a way that allows us to reach the best solution.

Feelings are a bit like a spring or sometimes like that artesian flow we would drink from as we rode along the shore north of town. The waters bubble up filling our life with so many experiences. We may house them in a room that we can enter or leave by our choice but we can’t simply cap them off or they will erode the ground around to find their own space. Hopefully, the flow will be more like a spring settling quietly onto the surface of our lives, but with changing circumstances the pressure in the flow can change. What we do with the extra feelings can make a difference in our lives.

Dreams are one way our inner person regulates the pressure of memory and emotion. They take the icons of our lives and weaves them into a kind of story, a phrase of being. When the springs of our life are gentle, the dreams do not leave traces beyond waking. When there is pressure behind the image, the emotions push beyond the edges of sleep asking us to hear.

I listen knowing that this dream is only one of many that have pointed to this same direction of change. They don’t hold the answers of how I should get there but they keep reminding the surface me that, within, there is unrest that needs to be dealt with for me to find that place of peace that I seek for my life. Answers take time to be constructed and so for now the emotions flow out through my fingers lessening the pressure within as I find my way to make this change that has been building for so long.


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